Hack To Success Part 2: Why I Am Cancelling All Breakfast Meetings in 2017!

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Breakfast meetings, oh I do love them. Everything from the freshly squeezed orange juice to the smoked salmon and scrambled egg (my personal favourite). However, for 2017 they are gone! 2017 is the year of productivity and optimising my time to achieve what I want to achieve. So why am I cancelling breakfast meetings?

1.) Time & Efficiency: So In December I was getting wary that my daily breakfast meeting (yes I used to do breakfast meetings everyday) were becoming less productive. To measure this I started timing them. The average breakfast meeting, 72 minutes, 72! The longest, I am ashemed to say was 112. I know what you are thinking, I could have watched a Hugh Grant romcom in that time, I know, I thought the same! What did I achieve? In most cases nothing that could not have been achieved with an email conversation or short phone call. So for 2017 I am entering all activities with a cost effectiveness mindset (mojitos do not count!). With this frame of mind, I will be thinking, what are the relative costs and outcomes of this action and is thris producing an equitable ROI or outcome? For me, with this frame of mind, breakfast meetings are gone!  

My Face When I see A Mojito!!!!

My Face When I see A Mojito!!!!

2.) Running: Back in the day before I was a VC with Atomico, I used to run every morning. The trappings of a more corporate world seduced me into the habitual breakfast meeting. As a result, I no longer run every morning and no longer have the body of a Calvin Klein model!!! So if I think, I have breakfast meeting at 8AM to 9:15AM and am back in the office at 9:30AM. Cut the breakfast meeting, go for a 8Km run at 7AM and be in the office, showered and ready by 8:45. Extra time in the office, 45 minutes. Calories burnt, 675 (or the equivalent of 4 mojitos!) #nobrainer 

This Was Me Before Breakfast Meetings Existed!!!

This Was Me Before Breakfast Meetings Existed!!!

3.) Nutrition: Breakfast meetings are not normal breakfasts. They are creamy scrambled eggs, they are extra large orange juices, they are buttery pastries. My average breakfast meeting calorie consumption, 745 calories! Compare that to the porridge pot that I will consume at my desk after my run, weighing in at only 211 calories. Simple maths is telling me for my girlfriend and my body's sake, I need to cut the breakfast meetings. 

Ultimately, when looking at the results, it is unequivocal. I have an extra 45 minutes of productive work at my desk, burn 675 calories more and consume 534 calories when not doing breakfast meetings. That is a total saving of 1,199 calories per day and that is not taking into account the extra hours of productivity due to me being healthier and fitter. So for 2017 I urge you, not to give up the breakfast meeting per se but to enter every action with a cost effectiveness mindset. Ask is this investment; be it time or money, going to produce the ROI that I require. I think the results will scare you.

As always I would love to hear your thoughts and so please do leave comments and I would love to know what you think.

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