Hack To Success Part 4: Why 18 Hour Days Everyday Is Not Cool & VCs Just Want To Have Fun!

Short post today, however, I very much believe the act of writing requires building the 'writing muscle', this blog is designed to exercise that muscle. 

This is me when I do not shave! :) #fresh

This is me when I do not shave! :) #fresh

My next hack for success in 2017 is fun. What do I mean by fun? Well if you take a look back at yesterday's post you will see that I spent most of 2016 in a dark room recording for between 16-18 hours. I almost saw this unwavering focus on work as a strength, a badge of honor. For 2017 I have realized that it is not cool to be the founder who has 2 hours sleep a night and never leaves the office. Although this will still form a prominent part of my life, I intend to engage in many more cultural and sociable activities in 2017. Something I know Rory Stirling (nicest guy in venture) @ BGF Ventures will be very pleased to hear (always pushing me to get a hobby!!) I think not only does this engender a greater mindset for creativity and fulfillment but also is fundamental to recharge the old batteries. Which when you get to my age, need a good recharge! 

So for today, I intend to do so by having many mojitos and dinner with my beautiful Zimbabwean girlfriend. The task for you today is, what are you doing to do to have fun, get away from work and be sociable? Send your activities to me via Snapchat and the best activity will receive a signed copy of Brad Feld's Venture Deals Version 3. 


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