Why Inefficiency is Opportunity & We Should Embrace It

Inefficiency, the world is full of it. I have been travelling to Slush in Helsinki today and the journey has been about as smooth and seamless as the release of the Samsung Fire phone!! I spoke to my family between one of the many connection flights and they were all very sorry for me for all my woes in travel, however, they could not understand. I was excited. For me there is nothing more exciting than inefficiency. Why? Inefficiency equals innovation. The more I see the world, the more I see the inefficiencies and this is truly exciting for us all. More problems to be solved. More customers to be served. More markets to be gained.

In today’s case for travel I instantly think to one of my very early guests on The Twenty Minute VC, Airhelp. The startup that takes the friction out of air travel when air travel goes wrong. A very nascent problem, global customer base, fantastic. So my thought for the day is within every sector there is thousands of inefficiencies. Some not venture back able but some more exciting than ever. So my urge for you today is to observe the world, stand back and watch life, take note of the inefficiencies and find the joy in them! They are opportunities. 

P.S. If you are at Slush over the next few days, it would be fantastic to meet. Email me on harry@thetwentyminutevc.com and we can get it arranged! 

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