Today I Cried, So What Did I Learn?

•I always started this blog with the premise it would be open, honest and completely transparent. Today's post is just that.

Whenever someone is hesitant to tell me something they fear might upset me I always tell them, "do not worry, you can tell me, I have no feelings." Well today that was not the case. Today, something in my personal life caused me to cry, something I have not done for several years. So what did I learn?

1. Team

First, there is nothing like a great team. What is a great team? A great team is one that cheers you in the highs and rallies around to support you in the lows. Within 5 mins of being upset I had the support of several members of team Atomico, each offering genuine and tangible support and guidance. They not only allowed me to put emotion aside but to strategise a best plan of action for the steps ahead. This, to me is what a team is about. 

2. It's All About Growth

My stepfather always told me, "Harry the great are not defined by how they fail but how they respond to failure". A line that reminds me of a line from my favourite book, Sun Tzu's 'The Art of War'. In which Tzu states, "in war the victorious strategist only seeks battle after the victory has been won". What do I take from this? Life can be like product, there will always be bugs in the code, hacks to the system. What matters is not that the product faced difficulties but that we iterate and A/B test on the product to ensure that the strongest product is created. In this case, I am the product and I intend to alter and adapt my methods to ensure that this product returns stronger and more efficient than before. 

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