Why Julia Roberts Gets VC Content Marketing?

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Like any red hot blooded man, I spent my Sunday morning watching one of my favourite romcoms (yes I love Romcoms), Notting Hill featuring Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant. Although the entirety of the film is filled with brilliant and heart warming quotes, one in particular stood out to me. Anna Scott (Julia Roberts) when stating the damage that a negative article can do argues that, 'articles last forever' and the theory of news being tomorrow's chip paper is ridiculous in today's data driven world. This brings to the fore the immortality of content and the role it can play in building a sustainable brand in our VC ecosystem.

So my question for you today is, are your current marketing efforts sustainable and immortal? Does speaking at an event really help to build your personal brand? In the majority of cases, no it does not. The amount of people witnessing you speaking is limited and once over, that is it. The content created during the speech dies. It is unshareable and untraceable.

I always recant a story of an early VC whom I approached for 20VC who turned me down (she remains the sole person to have done so.) However, that struck me as bizarre and frankly short sighted of her. She is forever doing television interviews (reaches the wrong market segment) and speaking engagements (limited lifespan and small audience) yet she said no to me. Her speaking engagements have at most 2-3,000 people attending. At the time 20VC had 34,000 subscribers.  

Therefore, my parting comments would be, with all marketing efforts I urge you to consider the immortality of content. Prioritise content creation over unscalable and ineffective other engagements because as Julia Roberts says, 'this lasts forever' and it really does. 

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