7 Deadly Sins: 'If You Are Not Embarrassed By Version One, It Is Too Late'

Reid Hoffman once stated this famous quote and I try and apply it to most things I do when I am contemplating whether or not to progress with them. So for this I am going to look back embarrassed at this post but what is life if you do not take the leap. So this post is ground rules for what you can expect from the blog, what not to expect and some warnings ahead of time! ;) 


1.) Consistency:  You can expect new blog posts every single day. Think Fred Wilson meets Freakonomics and that is what you can expect from this!

2.) Tone: VC is probably one of the greatest topics ever. It is also one of the most fun. This is why this blog will be different to all the other blogs out there. This will be fun, this will be risque, this will be data-orientated.

3.) Punctuation: This is a big one for me! Do not expect it! I am a podcaster and in addition to what I tell most people, "I have a face for radio", I also have the writing skills of a podcaster! Limited in terms of punctuation! :)

4.) Topics: A range but very much focussed around the world of VC, the internal dynamics of funds, the pitching process etc. Another common strand will be SaaS, it is one of my favourite topics in the world and more specifically, if anyone loves customer success, join the club! It is another passion point for me. 

5.) Bad language: Shit happens. It may take place if we are talking about $20m pre-money seed rounds or why it is founder first when investing! Like we did not know already! ;) 

6.) Emojis: I use them a alot. Hope that is good. If I am posting from my phone, we might even get a diverse mix, potentially even my favourite, the cocktail emoji! 

7.) Drinks: I always want to meet awesome people and I love mojitos, if you would like to go for drinks that is awesome and do email me on harry@thetwentyminutevc.com

I think that is about it. Let the fun begin! 

Disclaimer: Any articles posted on this blog do not represent the views of any employers or partnerships and the views expressed are solely my own. 

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